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Borland Developer Studio 2006, C++ , C# , Delphi Derleyicileri-Full bedava indir

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Borland Developer Studio 2006, C++ , C# , Delphi Derleyicileri-Full bedava indir Empty Borland Developer Studio 2006, C++ , C# , Delphi Derleyicileri-Full bedava indir

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Borland Developer Studio 2006, C++ , C# , Delphi Derleyicileri Bir Arada Borland Developer Studio 2006, C++ , C# , Delphi Derleyicileri-Full bedava indir Bds2006dq0
Borland Developer Studio 2006, C++ , C# , Delphi Derleyicileri-Full bedava indir Boxeslm4
Borland Developer Studio 2006, C++ , C# , Delphi Derleyicileri-Full bedava indir Bds2006idexn4

Power By Design

The Borland Developer Studio supports the Delphi (Object Pascal), C#
and C++ languages. For .NET development, using Microsoft’s standard
libraries, you can choose between C# and Delphi; for Win32 development
using Borland’s VCL (Visual Component Library) you have a choice of
either C++ or Delphi. In addition, Delphi can also be used to program
.NET applications using a .NET version of the VCL which offers a high
degree of compatibility with the Win32 VCL. This makes it possible to
load up existing Win32 projects and recompile them for .NET with
relatively little code rewriting. In principle, only code which makes
explicit API calls, does pointer manipulations or uses
platform-specific types (such as the PChar - string-pointer types) will
need to be recoded.

Borland Developer Studio 2006, C++ , C# , Delphi Derleyicileri-Full bedava indir Alignxt0

ome of the most immediately obvious new features are found in the
visual design workspace. For example, the new VCL form designer has
gained dynamic alignment guides. These are lines which appear on screen
when you drag controls around on a form. When the vertical or
horizontal edge of one control aligns with the matching edge of another
control a line automatically ‘joins’ the two of them so that you can
tell instantly when they are in perfect alignment. There are also
visual cues to show you when controls are evenly spaced or at an
optimal distance from one another.

Useful as these features are, they are, disappointingly, only
implemented in VCL applications. If you are working an a Windows Forms
.NET application, no alignment guides are shown. Since Microsoft’s
Visual Studio 2005 provides similar alignment guides, this omission
seems curious.

Borland Developer Studio 2006, C++ , C# , Delphi Derleyicileri-Full bedava indir Formdesignzx3

Interactive Editing

Unlike Visual Studio, the BDS has no built-in programming or macro
language. However, it has gained some useful new additions to speed up
some coding tasks. There are things called ‘live templates’ which are,
in essence, blocks of boilerplate code with some interactive features.
For example, in C#, you could create a for loop by entering the text
‘for’ then pressing the space bar (or Ctrl+J and selecting a template
from a list). This would automatically insert this

Borland Developer Studio 2006, C++ , C# , Delphi Derleyicileri-Full bedava indir Templateku6
Borland Developer Studio 2006, C++ , C# , Delphi Derleyicileri-Full bedava indir Surroundma3
By pressing the Tab key you could now jump between the ‘live’ elements
(shown in boxes), int, i and length to allow you to edit these. If, for
example, you change the first occurrence of the variable i to x, the
subsequent references to i will automatically be changed to x. There
are live templates to insert class definitions, get and set properties,
case statements and so on, with different sets of templates for each
language. The templates are defined in XML files; new templates can
easily be added (there is a New Item Wizard to help with this) or
existing ones edited.

The C# Code Surround Menu...

There is also a ‘code surround’ tool which lets you mark off a block of
text in the editor and make a menu selection to surround with language
constructs such as a while block, a try..except exception handling
block or comment delimiters. Handy as this is, the menu had the
annoying habit of vanishing off the bottom of the screen if you select
text midway down the editor at some screen resolutions (e.g. 1024x768).

The BDS editor has all the things you would expect of a modern code
editor including syntax colouring, collapsible regions, multi-level
undo/redo, brace matching and Code Insight (Borland’s *****alent of
Microsoft’s IntelliSense - providing drop-down lists of properties and
methods, the arguments required by method calls and so on).
In this new release it has gained an improved ‘gutter’, the left-hand
margin of the editor in which line numbers are displayed (every ten
lines or at intervals of the user’s choice). The gutter also displays a
coloured change bar to mark any lines which have been edited (yellow
here) and saved since the file was opened with a different colour
marker showing lines which have been edited by not yet saved. The gutre
is also used for setting breakpoints (the red circle) when debugging.

Other improvements include some new VCL components such as panels which
mimic the layout features of Java (e.g. GridBagLayout and FlowLayout)
and a control to let you add application icons to the Windows system

Borland’s new programming suite lets you program for Win32 or .NET in
C#, C++ and Delphi. And it has one major advantage over Visual Studio,
says Huw Collingbourne.

See also: A Visual Studio user’s view of Borland Developer Studio
and: Bob Swart on ECO III

If you thought Microsoft’s Visual Studio was the only serious IDE for
Windows programming - think again! Borland’s Developer Studio (BDS)
2006 is a suite of programming languages with an elegant environment, a
good code editor, visual designer and debugger.

The Borland Developer Studio has a first rate IDE. Here you can see the
form designer workspace. You can drag and drop controls onto the form
from the Tool Palette (bottom right) and alter properties in the Object
Inspector (at the left). A tabbed ’Events’ page lets you pick events
for a selected control and you can program event-handler methods in the
code editor.

In common with Visual Studio 2005, the BDS can create .NET
applications. But, unlike Visual Studio, it also provides a full set of
editing, design and debugging tools for Win32 applications. And best of
all, it is even possible to create ‘cross-platform’ Windows
applications that that can be compiled either for Win32 or for .NET.
This is one show-stopping trick which Microsoft customers can only
dream of…!
BDS Editions
Borland Developer Studio 2006 comes in three editions: Professional
($1,090 / £740 plus VAT), Enterprise ($2,490 £1,670 plus VAT) and
Architect ($3,490 / £2,320 plus VAT). Reduced upgrade prices are
available. Each edition is branded with a specific programming product
name - Delphi, C#Builder or C++Builder. But, no matter what’s on the
outside of the box, inside the software is the same. The Professional
edition includes all languages, the IDE and local database support
(Interbase, dBase, Paradox, Access, MySQL etc.). The Enterprise edition
adds UML modelling, database server connectivity, team support and
additional web development tools. The Architect edition adds in State
Chart Diagrams and extra ECO (Enterprise Common Objects) features. You
can download the complete feature matrix (PDF) from the Borland site

Debugging and Language

The debugger has gained a few new features such as remote debugging
(that is, debugging an application on a different PC running on a
network or across the Internet) and the ability to ‘drill down’ into
properties and fields within a single debugger window instead of
constantly having to popup new inspector windows for each new level of
detail as was required in previous releases of Delphi. In my view, this
is a huge improvement. I have never grown to love the old style of
Delphi debugger which had the uncivilised tendency to fill your
workspace with popup windows. The new style debugger is much more like
the one in Visual Studio.

Borland Developer Studio 2006, C++ , C# , Delphi Derleyicileri-Full bedava indir Debugir7
Borland Developer Studio 2006, C++ , C# , Delphi Derleyicileri-Full bedava indir Debughintsfk7

Win32 and .NET Compatibility

Finally, let’s return to one of Delphi’s greatest claims to fame - its
ability to migrate Win32 applications to .NET, or even to allow the
simultaneous development of applications for the Win32 and .NET
platforms. Whereas Microsoft has done much too little, much too late,
to assist Visual Basic users to migrate to .NET, Borland has provided a
whole .NET version of its existing component library, the VCL, to
ensure (in theory) that it is very simple to move between Win32 and

In some cases, it is even possible to load up Win32 applications and
run them under .NET without having to rewrite a single line of code.
However, in practice, the conversion process will rarely be quite that
simple. Most applications of any complexity will require a good many
manual alterations to code. Pointer operations, API calls and any code
which uses ‘incompatible’ types such as PChars, will have to be
recoded. Some of the recoding may be straightforward - simply
substituting one type for another, say. Others may require more work -
for example, you may need to add namespaces, remove redundant lines of
code, create some .NET objects when necessary, move the position of
some code (in my experience, you can get away with some things in the
Win32 VCL - for example, setting the handle to a control within the
control’s OnCreate() method - which you cannot in the .NET version) and
so on.

Borland Developer Studio 2006, C++ , C# , Delphi Derleyicileri-Full bedava indir Walk1cx6

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