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Digital -Tutors Add-On-Street Racer Kit

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Sabit Digital -Tutors Add-On-Street Racer Kit

Mesaj tarafından sezo Salı Tem. 14, 2009 7:24 pm

Digital -Tutors Add-On-Street Racer Kit 1234128907_00223l
http://www.digitaltutors.com/store/prod ... t=0&page=1


Software: Maya 6 - Maya 8
Run Time: 2 hrs. 48 min., 1 disc
Availability: Ships next business day
Digital -Tutors Add-On-Street Racer Kit 1234128915_pagebanner

customization techniques for adding details to your car models with
nearly 3 hours of interactive training. Great for intermediate users.

Popular highlights include:

* Polygon Modeling
* Sub-D Modeling
* High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI)
* Shader Network Creation
* Dirt maps
* Adobe Illustrator Curves
* Applying Textures
* Rendering in mental ray
* Bonus Textures from Total Textures

Lesson Outline:

1. Introduction and project overview 1:31
2. Setting up Image Planes 6:06
3. Working with the Supporting Arm of the Spoiler 6:24
4. Converting Support Arm to Subdivision Surface, Adding Creases 5:59
5. Building the Wing and End Pieces for the Spoiler 8:18
6. Building the Recess in the Rear Bumper for the Tailpipe 7:03
7. Building the Tailpipe 6:35
8. Building the Air Intakes for the Ground Effects 8:56
9. Building Air Scoops for the Hood 6:03
10. Building the First Curve for the New Tire Rims 6:31
11. Building the Curves for the Lug Nut Sockets 7:11
12. Building the Final Curves for the Tire Rims 7:39
13. Creating Geometry for the Rims 5:43
14. Finishing the Tire Rim 8:14
15. Creating a Decal for the Car Hood 8:55
16. Assembling a Car Paint Shader 6:53
17. Applying the Decal to the Hood 7:40
18. Creating the Mud Map for the Front of the Car 6:43
19. Creating the Additional Textures and Decals for the Side of the Car 8:16
20. Assigning Side Textures and Decals in Maya 8:51
21. Creating Geometry for the Front Grill 5:06
22. Finishing the Front Grill 9:42
23. Fixing Reversed Textures 12:01
24. About Textures Used in this Kit 0:46
Total Run Time: 2:48:00

Item #: MAI-080
Software Requirement: Maya 6 - Maya 8
Run Time: 2 hrs. 48 min., 1 disc
Format: CD-ROM
Availability: Ships next business day
Weight: 0.25 lbs

sms4file.com 468a0e621310

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Ruh Hali : Digital -Tutors Add-On-Street Racer Kit Seytan10
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Kayıt tarihi : 23/02/08

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