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Eviews 5.1 (İstatistik Programı)

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Sabit Eviews 5.1 (İstatistik Programı)

Mesaj tarafından sezo Bir Salı Nis. 28, 2009 2:12 pm

Eviews 5.1

Eviews 5.1 (İstatistik Programı) I2579_eviews2

Its combination of power and ease-of-use make EViews 5.1 the ideal
package for anyone who works with time series,cross-section, or
longitudinal data, With EViews, you can quickly and efficiently manage
your data,perform econometric and statistical analysis, generate
forecasts or model simulations, and produce high quality graphs and
tables for publication or inclusion in other applications.

Featuring an innovative graphical objectoriented user-interface and a sophisticated
analysis engine,EViews blends the best of modern software technology
with the features you've always wanted, The result is a
state-of-the-art program that offers unprecedented power within a
flexible, easy-to-use interface.

Find out for yourself why EViews is the worldwide leader in
Windows-based econometric software and the choice of those who demand
the very best.

Code: rapidshare.com Eview5.1FullStandard.exe

Includes the keygen to generate serial numbers.

Code: For Eviews 5.1 Installation:

After run Eview5.1FullStandard and extracted

1. You'll got this window (( Welcome to the Eviews 5.1 update installer ))

a. hit next
b. Browse then go to C:\Program Files\Eview5.1FullStandard\EViews5 then hit ok
c. hit next
d. finish

2. Then go to Desktop and run (( EViews 5.1 By RaSHeeD ))

Choose "Manual Registration" (DO NOT choose "Auto Registration"!)

3. Use "Eviews_key.exe" in "Eviews_key" folder to register: (( it's
location is C:\Program Files\Eview5.1FullStandard\EViews5 ))
a. Input your name and copy "Machine ID" from "Manual Registration" to Eviews KeyGen.
b. Press "Key" to get Serial# and Reg No.
c. Paste them to "Manual Registration".

Manual files (pdf) and Help files (hlp) are already updated to version 5.1

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