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Microsoft AutoRoute 2007

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Microsoft AutoRoute 2007 Empty Microsoft AutoRoute 2007

Mesaj tarafından sezginsen Salı Ara. 02, 2008 9:07 pm

Microsoft AutoRoute 2007 29d8pww

Use Microsoft AutoRoute 2007, the customizable route planning software that provides accurate driving directions and helps you easily explore new areas, so you can make the most of your trip in Europe. With more personalized trip planning features than major online mapping sites and map coverage of more than 37 countries, AutoRoute 2007 gets you where you’re going quickly, easily, and without all the guesswork.

Microsoft AutoRoute 2007 gives you accurate driving directions to lots of destinations in 37 countries, plus more trip-planning features than major online mapping Web sites.

Instantly find more than 747,000 points of interest such as hotels, restaurants, ATMs, museums, campgrounds, and more. Live Search makes it easy to find current business listings when you’re online then take them with you on the road.

Get accurate, detailed door-to-door directions along 3.9 million miles of road and motorway throughout Europe.

Plan breaks, scenic detours and petrol stops — you can even add multiple destinations or quickly alter your route with simple drag-and-drop controls. Personalize your maps with drawings, notes and pushpins to mark important information. Import your contacts into your maps and routes directly from Microsoft Office Outlook® and Microsoft Office Excel®.

Use your customized travel guide on-screen as you go, or print it out in a variety of helpful formats. You can even e-mail it to your friends or post it online!

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