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Reason 4 Tutorial DVD 2008

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Sabit Reason 4 Tutorial DVD 2008

Mesaj tarafından FaTaL C.tesi Kas. 01, 2008 5:24 am

Over 5 hours of instruction on Propellerhead's Reason version 4 by
Morgan Pottruff, aka Morg (author of the Live and Melodyne Tutorial

Reason version 4 is a virtual studio rack rebuilt from the ground up
with all the tools and instruments you need to turn your ideas into
music. Morg will show you all the new features - a brand new sequencer,
a revolutionary groove tool, a stunning arpeggiator and Thor, the
synths to end all synths.
This DVD is packed with detail not seen before. If you want to get your
head around Reason quickly then you'll want to watch this DVD! Morg
shows you Reason in some incredible ways through the extra 'Tips and
Tricks' sections that really show off the power under the hood.
If you own any version of Reason, especially version 4, then you need to own this DVD!

# 41 Videos
# Over 5 hours of instructional video
# Extremely high quality tutorial videos
# Easy to use interface
# Great for users of all Reason versions.
# DVD-Rom - Mac OS X & PC compatible

41 videos and over 5 hours of instruction on Reason by Morgan Pottruff

Reason DVD Content: 41 High Quality Videos:

1. Mac & PC
2. Installation PC
3. Installation Mac
4. First Run
5. Preferences: General
6. Preferences: Audio
7. Preferences: MIDI
8. The Menus
9. Concepts
10. Your First Song
11. Guided Tour 1
12. Guided Tour 2
13. The Mixer & the Line Mixer
14. Redrum
15. Subtractor
16. Malström
17. NN-19
18. NN-XT
19. Dr Rex - example video
20. Matrix
21. BV512 Vocoder
22. Effects 1
23. Effects 2
24. The Combinator
25. The Regroove Mixer
26. Thor 1 - example video
27. Thor 2
28. RPG-8 Arpeggiator
29. Sound Organization
30. Sequencer 1
31. Sequencer 2
32. Sequencer 3
33. CV - example video
34. Rewire & Rebirth
35. Remote & Adv. MIDI
36. Synchronization
37. The Final Mix
38. Publishing Your Song
39. Key Commands
40. Tips and Tricks 1 - example video
41. Tips and Tricks 2

Size DVD1: 1.9GB
Size DVD2: 2.5GB

Download DVD1 from RS
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part01.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part02.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part03.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part04.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part05.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part06.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part07.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part08.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part09.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part10.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part11.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part12.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part13.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part14.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part15.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part16.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part17.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part18.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part19.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part20.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td1.part21.rar.html

Download DVD2 from RS
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part01.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part02.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part03.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part04.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part05.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part06.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part07.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part08.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part09.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part10.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part11.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part12.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part13.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part14.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part15.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part16.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part17.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part18.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part19.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part20.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part21.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part22.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part23.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part24.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part25.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part26.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part27.rar.html
rapidshare.com avr4td2.part28.rar.html

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