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Effect 3D Studio 1.1.0423.3

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Mesaj tarafından FaTaL Bir Paz Ekim 05, 2008 1:34 am

Effect 3D Studio 1.1.0423.3 Effect_3D_Studio

Key Features
Intuitive graphical user interface
8 stage image creation process, with real-time 3D WYSIWYG editing environmen

Over 700 high quality 3D objects
Cleverly categorized 3D object gallery allows drag-and-drop selection

Text to 3D object
Select font type from any installed on your system, then simply type text to create a new 3D object

24 photo-realistic and non-photo realistic rendering style effects
Including real, wireframe, cartoon, gold, silver, wood, stipple, and many more...

Fully adjustable scene lighting
effects cast light on scene, each light is fully adjustable or preset
conditions can be selected from the lighting gallery

Animation Gallery with over 70 categorized animation's
the most advanced animation technology, FFD (Free-Form Deformation) and
RTS (Rotate, Transform & Scale) Effect3D Studio can make 3D objects
move back-and-forth, float, rotate, bow, dance, or even do the

Flexible output options
Comprehensive output formats for the home, office, web and print

Web Effect Composer
Create cool JavaScript web effects without any knowledge of programming

Animation Composer
Create new animation sequences by connecting and blending several clips

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